samedi 23 mai 2009

Suibokuga, or Ink Painting

As there were no ink painting classes given at the university, I asked a teacher to help me out finding something outside of the school. I wasn't expecting much, but in the end I could take a special once-a-month class given by a well known artist (濱中応彦, Ohgen Hamanaka) that comes all the way from Osaka to Yamaguchi to teach it! I am so glad!

During the first class, all I did was painting vegetables. First year students usually stick to doing such exercises but as I am going to be there only a few months, they said I could skip a step or two! Yay!

People taking the class with me are all so very nice. Mostly all retired people, they are asking me where I come from and they always have a sister of their granddaughter's husband who's been to Vancouver once. It makes me very happy that my japanese level reached a point where I can have a decent conversation with an adult, because being polite in japanese is not only about manners and appropriate vocabulary! But let's put that aside for now.

A week after my first class they had a group exhibition and they insisted on me participating! They took the eggplant you see there, but I had to sign it properly, say with an "incan" (the red seal). There was no way I could exhibit the work without it, so someone called his friend who makes them incan and asked him to make one by then... for free! O_o

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