vendredi 15 mai 2009

One day trip to Osaka!

Marc, me, Evelyne and Elliott in front of Osaka-jou, one of the most famous castles of Japan!

We thought we had to go to an Air Canada desk to decide on the date of our flight back to Canada before realising we could do it by phone. But then we were already into the mood for going to Osaka, so we went anyways! We rode night buses so we wouldn't have to sleep anywhere, and from 7am to 10pm it was intense Osaka visiting!! Lots of fun, we first visited the famous Osaka Castle and then walked down the streets for window shopping. We meet up with Marc's twin brother and former room-mate who came to visit Japan for three weeks, ate Osaka's trad food (okonomiyaki) and took pictures in a purikura booth!

View from the top of the Castle, one of the two fishes traditionally found on japanese rooftops. They are supposed to protect the building from unlucky events due to bad weather.

Super intense flashly street of Osaka!

Typical purikura booth!
Its particularity is that before it prints the pictures, you can draw, write, add glitters and other super duper cute stuff on it! The printed sheet has only one size, but you can choose how many pictures you want on it so that you can share with many friends.
Osaka style okonomiyaki!
Cabbage and a meat or fish of you choice are mixed to a special doe and cooked like a pancake. It is topped by okonomayi sauce (indispensable ingredient), mayonaise and dried fish flakes. It's really, really good!!

*those two pictures come from Wiki!

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