mardi 2 juin 2009

Hotaru matsuri: The fireflies festival!

Last saturday was the day of Yamaguchi city's fireflies festival. I never thought I would see this many people at the same time alongside that river - especially around the stalls where you could hardly walk!

It was very interesting to me that although it was a fireflies festival, people were much more excitted about getting to weat their yukatas (summer kimono), meet up with friends and eat festival food (I must say I was pretty happy myself getting to eat a taiyaki, a fish shaped cake filled with sweet beans paste :D ).
For exemple, I first got there with a japanese friend, but we couldn't see the fireflies yet because it was too early. So we bought some food, ate it, and my friend said "Well, I don't have much interest for fireflies, so I'll go back home right now. I guess you could come back with the other exchange students when the sun is down." I thought, what's the point of coming to this festival then?! Oh, well.
I did come back afterwards and the fireflies were really pretty! But I'll go back again when there is less lights on.

Oh, and here is a bowl I made in my japanese pottery class! :D (It actually is a chawan, a cup to drink tea from in traditional japanese tea ceremony.) The diameter is about 15 cm.

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mi-que a dit…

More! More!
I loooove what you do... like usual! I miss you little sis and I alway check twice a day to see if there's something new here! So anyway continue eating in festival... there's nothing bad about it :P
Luv Ya!

Ti a dit…

Wow génial ton bol! Ce sont vrm tes couleurs ^^ Drôle de festival qu'ils ont lol
Bisou! xxxxx

Dominique DP a dit…

Mes soeurs sont mes plus grandes fans! :D <3 <3