samedi 9 mai 2009

Festival in Shimonoseki!

Last week-end we went to see a festival (which name I forget, haha) in Shimonoseki, one one the biggest cities of Yamaguchi prefecture.
You probably already know about geishas, those ladies whose life revolved on practicing and performing feminine arts for the pleasure of nobles and other high-class people.
Orians, on the other hand, were courtisans. Because they were just as beautiful as geishas, they had to wear their obi (kimono's belt) the other way around so that you could clearly recognize an orian from a geisha. The pleasure house they belonged to would once in a while have their most beautiful orian walk down the streets in a very special way, in order to attract customers. This walk, considered an art in itself, is the major attraction of the festival we went to. Although pleasure houses are no more, the beautiful aesthetics and traditions related to orians are still passed down, and performers are practicing the year long for the day of the festival. I really was beautiful!

Orian, walking.

I recommend you watching Sakuran, a simple but very beautiful movie about the life of an Orian. The kimonos are really amazing! Here is the trailer, with english subtitles. You can see a bit of the special walk in it!

Shimonoseki being close to the sea, there were various other events in relation with fishing or naval war. It also has a enormous fish market where you can buy freshly made sushi. DE-LI-CIOUSSS!!

Children performing taiko by the sea.

Samurais walking down the streets of Japan?!!

They turned out to be actors in a play performed for the festival.

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Nyozeka a dit…

その人は "kamikaze girl" の いちご ですね。そのおんなのひとは すてきな 女優です。

Ouf! Je vais t'avouer que je suis pas tellement sure de moi pour ces phrases là XD loll J'ai recommencé les leçons, mais sans professeur ça va un peu moins bien. Et je ne peux as vraiment me fier aux traducteurs en ligne quand je doute d'un mot... Enfin bon, désolé si ça semble être du n'importe quoi!! loll

Est-ce que le film est disponible en streaming? J'aime vraiment cette comédienne là, donc j'imagine que je ne peux pas ne PAS voir Sakuran! ^__^

Dominique DP a dit…

OH! Ton japonais est très bien!! Tu t'en sors bien sans prof!
Hésites pas si tu as des questions!!
そ、「土屋 アンナ」です。かのじょはたくさんしょうをもらいました。
Je ne sais pas si le film est disponible sur le net... en fait je ne sais pas s'il est disponible tout court au Canada, mais j'imagine qu'il doit à des places comme la Boîte Noire à Montréal!(; ̄▽ ̄)