jeudi 19 février 2009

Hello guys!

I refrained from putting only text up on the blog because I didn’t have any pictures to add with it… I sent news letters to some of you with photographs in it, but I there were all my friends’ and I can’t just take them and stick them here, hehe. My small problem is that both of my cameras broke: my digital right before I left and my manual right after I got here. ( ;  ̄▽ ̄)

The other thing is that I found myself not doing much art, if not at all since got here!! Well, now the semester is over and for the spring holiday I am not going to do anything but art. JE SUIS EN MAAAANQUE!!!
Japan is filled with beautiful landscapes and great art. I fortunately could pick the subjects of my papers and got to do comparative studies of Japanese and western art, and it’s the most interesting thing!!
Can’t take it. I have to do something. OMG!!!

I am lying; I got to do some art, as I could get into that fashion design class! Yet the teacher still has all of my works. (。-∀-) Also, for one of them classes I had to write a diary entry for each lecture or activity. I imposed myself to draw a picture for each instead. The teacher still has that, too.
A-ah… yeah why didn’t I put them up before? Well you guys know me; I drew all 12 pictures in 2 weeks before I had to hand it over.
´∀`)b Success!! I didn’t lose my speed!!

So I decided to stop being stupid and wanting to put only art on the blog. I am too perfectionist for that; in fact I should stop being perfectionist at all. So I am just going to loosen up for now and go for the writing! (。-`ω´-)

See you guys very soon!!

Here’s a picture from the fashion show I took part in! Me and Marc (on the left) worked as a team on both the design and fabrication of our clothing. The only things we did not make were the shoes and Marc’s belts! That was a heck of a lot of work!! But we won the second price, yay! (。→∀←。) Unjin (next to me) modeled for Petri (on the right side). I know one of my friends took other pictures; I’ll try to look into that. ;)

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mi-que a dit…

Yeahhhh!!! Something new! I'm going to tell the family! Your dress is amazing, of course you won a price! Continue writing... I don't think anyone will ever mind about it!! Pictures are fun to see too!
LUV U !!

Dominique DP a dit…

Merci Coco!
You're my #1 fan. XD <3 <3

Anahi a dit…

Haha vous êtes trop sexuels, j'capote.

Nyozeka a dit…

はあ- ひさしぶり です!

Je me demandais presque si il ne t'était pas arrivée quelque chose vu qu'on avait plus de tes nouvelles TT_TT mais Jay m'as dit que tu était vivante, donc l'espoir est revenu à moi! lol

Je voulais devenir assez hot pour te laisser un commentaire tout en japonais, mais la session s'est terminée et je n'ai pas pu prendre jap.2 ... Alors j'oublie! :( Bon j'ai encore mes livres donc je pourrai continuer cet été, enfin j'espère!

Donne nous des nouvelles plus souvent pitoune! ^_^ Même si c'est juste du texte, c'est bien plaisant de venir tes tranches de vies!

Suzanne a dit…

Bonjour Do!
J'aime bien tes nouvelles! Je suis tellement fier de toi et les choses que tu avais faites! Je suis vraiment contente que tu t'amuses! Cool photo! Tu me manques! <3

Dominique DP a dit…

Toi pis la sexitude!! Je vais tenter de mettre plus de photos :P
Au fait étant donné que Marc fait pas vraiment dans le statut facebookien, je t'annonce qu'il est offiellement pu célibataire et que l'heureuse élue se trouve sur la photo! O____o

Désolée pour le manque de nouvelles! Je pourrais me confondre en excuse mais ya rien de vraiment valable, j'ai surtout été paresseuse/incapable de gérer mon temps comme il faut.
Fais-toi en pas avec le japonais, pis c'est mignon tes ptites phrases!! <3 <3

Merci ma chérie! :D Je vais faire de mon mieux. Tu me manques aussi! ^^