vendredi 19 septembre 2008

A bunch of paintings!

Hey guys!
Sorry for the long no-update period. I've been away for a week and a half or so and have been quite busy with the preparation for Japan!
Well, some of you requested that I put past art projects on the blog. I'll do it in four times: paintings, drawings, 3D and ads. This way they will be easy to spot with the labels (plus I need a bit of time to shoot the works :P).
So here it goes! :D

Reproduction of Carravagio's The Calling Of St-Matthew (detail), 2006
Acrylic on wooden round panel, 60 cm.
Link to the original.Reproduction of Cézanne's The Card Players (2006)
Acrylic on wooden round panel, 60 cm.
Here's the original
(there are 5 versions of it and I couldn't find my book's on the net):

There is a special story about these two paintings!
This was a color reproduction exercise, based on a well known artist's work. I ambitiously choose a Carravagio painting, but not until the day before it was due I realised I wouldn't finish it in time. So in one night I reproduced something much easier on the other side of the panel! Yeah!

Apple (2007)
Oil on canvas, about 100 cm X 40 cm.

This is a school work, but I don't remember the purpose of the excercise lol. I leave the interpretation to you... ;)
Untittled (2008)
Acrylic on Bristol 45 cm X 36 cm.
Still plan on adding things to this, but so far I like it! :) Again, interpretation is all yours. I think I'll name it " Magnetic Field", but I'm not sure yet.

2 commentaires:

Anahi a dit…

J'me souviens quand je l'ai sauvée cette peinture là :P Crée Dominique, elle était sur le dessus du guichet automatique à Bishop's!

Dominique DP a dit…

Héhéhé... Anahi, ma salvatrice! <3