mardi 26 août 2008

Jedidiah! : an humanitarian activism throught art

Pierre-Hugues and I had this ambition: creating an association of artists who'd give away a percentage of the sale of their works to charity and environmental causes.

We were quite happy (and surprised!) to discover that a similar project was developped in the US, and that's Jedidiah!, a group of young artists, musicians and athletes. They produce and sell clothing to "create a consistent revenue stream to asist and empower victims of poverty and injustice".

Maybe you already earn a piece of clothing of their's, as their products are retailed at Sears!

Take a look.

Jedidiah Clothing: Who We Are from Jedidiah Clothing on Vimeo.

6 commentaires:

mi-que a dit…

What a great way to do it! Doesn't mean you can't do it yourself ;)

Marie-Eve a dit…

Hum, ça a l'air bien intéressant!! Vivement des nouveaux design de votre création!! ;-)

lol merci pour ton commentaire sur mon blog, dsl de t'avoir oublié masi c'est parce que je me fie aux statistiques de visites lol donc j'en ai déduit que c'était pat et jess ...

Oh! le temps que j'y pense! J'ai officiellement commencé mon cours de japonais!! XD Et j'ai déja un examen dans 2 semaines ... lol
Donc éventuellement je devrais etre capable de te laisser des commentaires en jap'!

Dominique DP a dit…

Yeah Jedidiah's such a sweet concept!

Marie-Ève: Héhéhé cool j'ai bien hâte de lire ça!

mi-que a dit…

Well...! I come here almost every day and nothing's happening... I want new stufff!!! :p

Elliott Verreault a dit…

Jedidiah... It's awesome. Truly inspirational from a business perspective. How can a business influence the world for the greater good. Loved the videos.

Thanks for making me discover that.


Dominique DP a dit…

Isn't great?!
I'm seriously planning to work on a similar project when I get back to Québec.