mercredi 11 mars 2009

Strawberry picking & scanvenger hunt!

Little news of past activities around the Gooch! I'll upload stolen pictures soon hehe...

Last week Rie, Sayaka, Marc, Bridget and I went strawberry picking! You pay about 9$, and you can stay (almost) as long as you want in a huge greenhouse filled with delicious strawberries. Oh my god was it great. We were so full we slept in the car on the way back. Sorry Sayaka! " "

Then a few days ago, the people from JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching programme) organized a scavenger hunt in Yamaguchi, and that was lots of fun! We were divided in 4 teams with cars, and we had 3 hours to find the most items we could. Here's some examples of what we had to find:
- Boxing gloves (1 pt)
- Living duck (1 pt)
- Cleaning product with only english on it (2 pts)
- School children in order of descending height (2 pts)
- A fruit or vegetable bigger than a person's head (2 pts)
- Dead duck (no one found that one I must say!) (3 pts)
- High school boy wearing a girly hair pin (3 pts)
- A pyramid of cup noodles of at least 10 stories high (3 pts)

Great times. :)

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mi-que a dit…

Ahhhh!! You seem to have a lot of fun in Japan! Good for you.... but I don't want you to love it too much: I want you to come back ;)
miss you, love you sis :)