jeudi 17 juillet 2008

Computer Arts tools

Trying on speedpainting with the help of (copyright free!) Computer Arts magazine's high resolution photoshop paintbrushes. I also used some of my own paintbrushes, and I painted out the figure at the end.
The magazine's a very useful one for graphic artists: it contains graphic software tutorials, tips and other articles on graphic art, and it comes with a cd with free material to work with, as well as works from artists at the cutting edge of modern graphic art - I highly recommend it!!

*** Lil' mistake: for those of you who read "Idn" yesterday, that was a mistake. Although Idn is also a great magazine, I really was talking about "Computer Arts". My bad! ^^;

2 commentaires:

Marie-Eve a dit…

Eh bah faudrait que je trouve cette revu! On a jamais trop de brosses loll

Et merci pour l'adresse de ton ''feu DA'', je vais aller fouiner ^__^
(merci pour ton commentaire sur mes cheveux loll ils ont été violets aussi dernièrement, mais ma dernière colo a pas duré très longtemps a cause du chum d'une amie qui m'as poussée dans une piscine ...)

Dominique DP a dit…

Ooooh quelle gentillesse!
lol n'empèche, t'es super jolie en bleu ^^!